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About Leadership Great South Coast

Innovative local leaders inspiring a thriving and resilient Great South Coast

Leadership Great South Coast provides an annual community leadership program for aspiring and emerging leaders drawn from all sectors of the Great South Coast region.

The Leadership Great South Coast Program is aimed at building relationships between the business, community and government sectors.

Participants will be drawn from all three sectors, allowing participants to benefit from a variety of perspectives when considering the nature of leadership and the future of our community and economy.

  1. To involve a diversity of existing and emerging  leaders in an experiential program that inspires creative ways of dealing with change, challenges and realities
  2. To provide these leaders with skills that strengthen their capacity to respond to the region’s economic, environmental and social opportunities and challenges
  3. To develop skilled, confident, innovative community leaders for our region who are inspired to remain connected and informed: and
  4. To establish a regional leadership network.


This program is intellectually stimulating and experiential. It has been designed to develop the skills and knowledge of aspiring leaders through direct contact with real community leaders in the context of live community issues.

Participants are encouraged to:

  • Establish a lasting set of personal and professional links across different sectors and within the Great South Coast region and beyond
  • Develop a keener sense of leadership responsibility
  • Develop an understanding and acceptance of diversity
  • Think laterally, examine problems systematically and find creative solutions
  • Work with and lead community groups
  • Establish a personal commitment to contribute to a network that offers expertise as a community resource.

GOVERNANCE – Leadership Great South Coast Committee Members


KEVIN LEDDIN Director, Moyne Shire

KAREN FOSTER Executive Officer Great South Coast Group (GAICD)

Dr. BERNADETTE NORTHEAST Coordinator Volunteers Warrnambool (GAICD)

HAYDEN HILL Senior Executive Private/Public Sector (Ret)

DARYL ROE Senior Executive Private Sector (Ret)


MICHAEL BELLAMY  HR & OHS Manager, Westvic Staffing Solutions

MELANIE CURTIS Regional Media and Communications Manager, DEDJTR

ANITA RANK Executive Officer, Committee for Portland




In 1989 the Hugh Williamson Trustees established and funded the Williamson Community Leadership Program (WCLP ) based in Melbourne. Re-named in 2000 to Leadership Victoria the Program continues to evolve fostering and developing a new generation of leaders.

The WCLP was originally modelled on a Chicago based program. Leadership Greater Chicago has been operating on a proven model for 30 years, cultivating Chicago’s business, public and civic leaders through a deeper understanding of the issues facing their community and each other, building a better Chicago.

In 1996 the first regional Community Leadership Program commenced in the Gippsland. Victorian now has 10 Regional Community Leadership Programs with Leadership Great South Coast established in 2012.



LGSC is an example of an inspiring community leader supporting the development of our future leaders.

In 2008, work commenced on establishing a community leadership program for the Great South Coast region.
Led by Josie Black, OAM, passionate regional leaders joined forces to assess our region’s appetite for a community leadership development program, research program models and instigate state funding discussions.

This original work was informed by research completed by Josie Black which highlighted the need for a regional Community Fund and the growing need for developing our community leader’s skills, knowledge and ability.

This initial work documented that leadership is about the process of initiating and coping with change. Effective leaders anticipate problems and opportunities, develop strategic responses and actively motivate people to take action, while managers react and respond to problems when they arise.
Good leadership involves leading by example while earning the respect of the team, making prompt and confident decisions, communicating clearly while providing motivation, influence and inspiration.

Qualities and attributes of good leaders include but are not limited to: conviction; vision; fortitude; integrity; passion; commitment; perception; resilience; courage; tolerance and tact.
Most people obtain leadership skills over time from experience and from observing good, ineffective and poor leadership.

In 2009 to support the development of our aspiring community leaders and following a community consolation process a Steering Committee was established.

The aim of the committee was to establish a program that allowed leadership development to occur via a supportive, structured, experiential program tailored to our region’s needs.

Later in  2009 a business plan was established and a lobbying strategy initiated to attract state government funding.

The task of attracting funding took four years to complete. Thanks to the passion and determination of the Steering Committee an initial four years funding was secured in 2012.

The inaugural LGSC Program commenced in May 2012 with 14 aspiring leaders graduating in March 2013.
The Program runs February to December attracting 16 -20 aspiring leaders annually. Now with 60 Alumni we are growing in numbers, strength and reputation across the region.


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