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2017 Program Participants


Alison Kennedy, Behavioural Scientist and Research Fellow
Deakin University and National Centre for Farmer Health Sponsored by South West Community Foundation 


Shane Stenhouse, Team Leader Parks Gardens and Environment
Warrnambool City Council


Juanita Dickinson, Venue Support Worker and Community Educator
Bethany Community Support Sponsored by South West Community Foundation 


Jordan Scott, Civil Maintenance Officer
Wannon Water


Vicki Askew-Thornton, Major Project Liaison and Economic Development Officer
Moyne Shire Council


Brendan Hawkins, Apprenticeship Employment Assistant Manager
Westvic Staffing Solutions

Leon Senchenko, Student Management Officer
South West TAFE


Garry Peterson, Program Manager Biodiversity
Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning


Jacinta Lenehan, Health Promotion Officer
South West Healthcare


Jordan Smith, Organisation, Health and Wellbeing Leader
The School of Student Leadership


Amanda Wearne, Corporate Communications Advisor
Wannon Water


Delna Plathottam, Associate Nurse Unit Manager
Lyndoch Living


Rhonda Henry, Head of Dairy South West Victoria
Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Sponsored by The Gardiner Foundation 


Leon Carey, Business Owner, Southern Cross Kitchens and Hands on Learning Artisan Teacher Leader
Warrnambool College, Sponsored by The Koroit Lions Club


Teremayi Manozho, Director/Coordinator
African Experience, Sponsored by Wannon Water


Health and Wellbeing


The multifaceted experience was delivered by four women who articulated their delivery with great finesse and effect on the participants. Lynda Smith, one of the Health Promotion experts in South West Primary Care, Bess Slater, Manager Fundraising and Sustainability at Lifeline South West Victoria, Lif McDowall, a Strategic Planner employed by Wellways Australia and Blair, a Wellways facilitator. These ladies equipped the attendees throughout the day evidently raising awareness of the need for leaders to lead change effectively through their focus on health.

The leadership challenges are not a myth and leaders were encouraged to aspire to making health and wellbeing everybody’s business. Health being defined as one’s wholeness physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially and academically.

A holistic approach to the wellbeing of every individual was the talk of the day. The purpose was to increase knowledge around health issues, statistics and opportunities that lie in the Great South Coast.

The presentations enabled engagement in conversations immediately with the hope to extend discussions with local leaders regarding the provision of health services in our region. The identification and definition of social determinants of a healthy being shows that everyone is susceptible to negative impacts on their wellbeing. Social determinants of health include economic and social conditions and it is their distribution amongst the population that influence individual and group differences in health status.

It is our duty to be the superheroes of our own families/towns/regions/states a positive productive perpetual ripple effect for our children and our children’s children.

Thank you for the Mortlake CFA and our Speakers for contributing to our day.


Full steam ahead for LGSC community projects


After four months of learning, bonding as a group and identifying individual passions, the group of aspiring and emerging leaders from across the region chose four community projects to deliver across the region by December 2017.

The four projects align with particular objectives of the Great South Coast Regional Strategic Plan regarding arts and culture, environmental sustainability and mental health.

During the session the project teams identified their unique blend of strengths and areas for further development. Delivering these projects will enable the LGSC participants to step up as community leaders, hone their program management skills and work alongside a range of individuals and community groups from the region.

Special guest and philanthropy expert Bernadette Northeast shared her extensive knowledge and experience in grant application writing and highlighted the need for teams to clarify their project’s aim and to clearly articulate the essence of their project.

The coming months will certainly be intriguing to watch as each team brings its project to life out in the GSC community.


Developing Direct Reports – Fearless Leadership the Speed Dating Way


How do we make our workplaces and ourselves more productive? Statistics show that ASX listed companies are 6 times more productive when feedback back is given as a gift, in a suggestive way, rather than a blaming way. How easy is it to listen and guide our direct reports through a journey of self awareness and to design a pathway forward to reach their goals and align them with our workplace goals.

Sounds easy doesn’t it?

The 2017 LGSC went on a fast paced journey where we discovered the way to identify the 12 derailer personality types. The way to decode them with one on one conversations with our team members via a guided conversation and to arrive at a conclusive action plan which would allow them to align their goals with the goals of their employers and the workplace. Firstly analysing ourselves which at times was quite confronting and recognisng our own traits provided us with the tools to enable us to take our direct reports on the same passage. Self awareness is crucial in developing our teams.

The “cyclonic” Corrine Armour kept the team challenged and engaged throughout the day.

We need to be brave to learn and self reflect. In dealing with others we need compassion and curiosity.

The journey of self discovery highlighted how much more we have to learn and made us inquisitive about the future.

It can be very confronting seeking feedback about ourselves and it puts us in a vulnerable position but ultimately it will help us understand our own leadership identities and find a path within to grow and lead. Wow what a statistic of 10 x “doers” in the group.

The challenge is to remember most people have positive intentions. Also that skills can be taught but values and attitudes aligned between ourselves, our teams and our companies should be considered when employing staff.

DEVELOPING LEADERSHIP IS MY JOB was emphasised and resonated with us all.

It is our job, it may be uncomfortable, we may not know the path right now but we CAN do it.

The key take home message was align intentions and behaviors and communication without judgement is critical.